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Welcome to Our Practice


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About Our Practice

Depression and eating disorders are more common now than they were twenty years ago. Fortunately, treatment for these and many other disorders has become more specific and effective for those who seek help.

Services Offered

  • Psychiatric Evaluations

  • Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

  • Medication Management


Many patients with emotional problems receive benefit by acquiring insight into the reasons for their thoughts and behavior.  Psychotherapy seeks to help reach this goal.  Psychotherapy may be insight-oriented, in other words, aimed at finding the origins of behavior; or supportive, which aims at helping people cope with their present life situation.  Dr. Buhrmann does dynamically oriented psychotherapy.  However, she does not hold rigidly to any one particular school of thought.

Medication Management

Over the last 30 years or so there have been a number of advances made in medications to help psychiatric disorders.  There are some problems that are helped greatly with medications.  At the end of your session, Dr. Buhrmann will suggest one of several forms of treatment.  She might recommend psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy.  Please bring a list of your current medications.  If any doctor changes your medications while you are in treatment with Dr. Buhrmann, let her know as medications can interact with each other.


In our practice, confidentiality is considered extremely important and can be safeguarded more easily in our small practice setting. Patient records are only released to other physicians or agencies upon your written request.  Fortunately, most insurance companies do not require more than your diagnosis when insurance is filed.  If anything additional is required, we usually get you to sign a release of information form.  The one exception to this is managed care companies.  They require providers to write lengthy reports at various intervals during treatment.  If this occurs while you are a patient of ours, we will usually go over our report with you and, if you wish, let you read it before sending it out.  HIPAA has new confidentiality rules.  Our practice has always been to follow a standard stricter than the new HIPAA standards.


Insurance, when available, can be billed electronically. We accept major credit cards for your convenience.

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